Performance Monitoring allows you to monitor the status of network flows to inform you of potential issues that could cause problems with other specific network applications such as Voice and Video.

Required ConfigurationsEdit

​Flow Policy (required):

Apply Flow Policy to an Interface (required):

Performance Monitoring Verification CommandsEdit

Verify Performance Monitoring is Collecting Data

show policy-map type performance-monitor [interface interface-name] [class class-name] [input | output]

show performance monitor status [interface interface name [filter] | policy policy-map-name class class-map-name [filter]} | filter | sort {bitrate-max | loss-event | rtt-max}]

show performance monitor history [interval {all | number [start number]} | interface interface name [filter] | policy policy-map-name class class-map-name [filter]} | filter ]

Display Cache

show performance monitor cache [policy policy-map-name class class-map-name] [interface interface name]

show performance monitor clients detail all

Show Performance Monitor Clock Rate for Classes

show performance monitor clock rate [policy policy-map-name class class-map-name]

Flow Monitor Status

show flow monitor type performance-monitor

Verify Flow Monitor Configuration

show running-config flow monitor

Verify Flex Netflow and Performance Monitor is enabled on interface

show flow interface type number

Show Flow Monitor Cache

show flow monitor name monitor-name cache format record

Show Status of Flow Exporter

show flow exporter [exporter-name]

Verify Exporter Configuration

show running-config flow exporter exporter-name
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